Metrel MI 3125 – Fault tester

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  • Installation testing to AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3017
  • It provides 9 tests, more than any other comparable tester, provides Pass/Fail indication for installation verification and compliance testing, and tests sockets in seconds without a trailing lead.
  • Voltage0 – 550V
  • Frequency0 – 499.9Hz
  • Continuity200mA for earth resistance and equipotential bonding
  • Insulation Resistance50V to 1000V, 0.01Mohn to 200Mohm
  • RCD Testingtrip time and trip current, 10mA, 30mA … 1000mA, and with 0o or 180o starting polarity
  • Fault Loop Impedance
  • Phase Rotation
  • Socket Testearth continuity, polarity and correct connections test with a single push button and with Pass/Fail indication without trailing leads
  • Overvoltage Category600V CAT III and 300V CAT IV
  • Includes mains measuring cable, 3 x test leads, 3 x test probes, 3 x crocodile clips, AC adaptor and NiMH rechargeable batteries